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It is critical that all those opposed to this sidewalk construction project contact all the city officials listed below and tell them that you do not support this project.  

The contacts are as follows: 

Don Patterson,
Kettering City Mayor
(937) 296-2416 

Mark Schwieterman,
City Manager
(937) 296-2412 

Al Fullenkamp,
Assistant City Manager             (937) 296-2412

Rob Scott,
Councilmember                              (937) 234-7703 

Joe Wanamaker, Councilmember (937) 296-1712 

Tony Klepacz,
Councilmember (Our District)
(937) 435-9830 

Bruce Duke,  Councilmember
(937) 299-2259 

Amy Schrimpf,
Vice Mayor, At-Large Councilmember
(937) 429-3896 

Bill Lautar,
At-Large Councilmember
(937) 689-2205


Our Dear David Road Neighbors:

The West David Road No Sidewalk Alliance (DRNSA) has created this web site to update residents regarding Kettering City Government's plan to build a sidewalk on the south side of West David Road. The residents along West David Road are overwhelmingly opposed to this construction project and feel that the City of Kettering is failing to respond to the will of its constituency.

We want to thank all of you for your attendance at the public meeting, February 18th, your talking points, and your courage to speak-up at the W David Rd Project meeting last evening, February 18, 2014. Without the dedication and committment of 92% of our neighborhood, we would not get to first base to challenge this Project. However, because of your personal values to stand-up for what you truly believe in, the Kettering Government Representatives were taken-back and astonished at the solidarity and expression's of personal challenges to their plans. The obvious impact that together we made last evening, will be just cause for the city to revaluate their plans.

As a result of the overwhelming neighborhood support to defeat the sidewalk plans, we believe that this is just round-one of this challenge. The W David neighbors that we noticed in attendence (please forgive me if I missed your name) and spoke-up at the meeting were: Doris T., Cheryl S. & Conrad S., Gary & Beth K., Bernard & Jennifer J., Catherine W., John Jr. D., Tony & Tonya D., Dianna H., Miriam M., Victoria R., Tom & Pat C., George S., John & Betty H., TJ & Erin W., Susi E., Carl N., and Sally Z..

Thank you to all!!!

Please Note: There were several others at the meeting that we did not know but who were vocally in support of our mission to defeat the sidewalk project. Please contact me to include you in all future communications. If for some reason you could not make the meeting last evening, please be encouraged to continue to support our goal to defeat the sidewalk project and plan to be involved by attending future meetings as we have much to loose if their project plans are completed. We are looking into what the city will be discussing at their next Council Meeting on Tuesday, Febuary 25th to see if we should attend and we will keep you informed! For Channel 2 coverage of the meeting see:

Again, please continue to stand together in your committment and attendence at up-comming metings.

Sincerely with gratitude,

If you have questions, Please write

Tom & Pat

Below are listed reasons why we are opposed to a sidewalk being built
on the south side of David Rd.